Anti-Suffragette Postcards Posters & Cartoons

A collection of cartoons and posters mocking the suffragette campaigns for votes for women :

Suffragette Plain Things

suffragette plain things

Suffragettes Who Have Never Been Kissed c.1910 UK

suffragettes who have never been kissed

Origin and Development of a Suffragette


When Women Wear Pants, c.1915 USA

suffrage pants what will men wear

We Want the Vote 1910 UK

we want the vote

Woman’s Rights 1910 USA

anti suffrage womans rights

Did I Save My Country For This?


Flapper 1925 USA anti-feminist postcard

suffrage flapper

We Don’t Know What We Want But We’ll Get It

anti-suffrage post card

Anti-Suffrage postcard, unknown date


Nobody Loves Me

nobody loves me suffragette

Home for Lost, Stolen or Strayed Suffragettes

the suffragette girls I didn't marry

age of brass triumph of womans rights 1869

anti suffrage cartoon

chicken crow

suffragettes fun

house that man built

queen of the polls smaller

the suffragette i told you so

The Suffragette. “I told you so.” [Postcard]
Copyright 1909, by Walter Wellman

The poster reads:
“The Morning Suffragette Bulletin.
A New Era of Prosperity at Hand.
With the news that a suffragette has been elected as our next presidentess, several flatiron and rolling pin factories have resumed on full time.
It is stated that 10,000,000 faltirons have been ordered by the new War Department alone.”

anti suffrage postcard your valentine

Card reads:
“If you will only marry me you can have all woman’s rights
Such as staying up on evenings when I’m out late at nights
And should such things not satisfy the longings of your soul
You can wash up all the dishes and carry all the coal
As a really model husband I feel I’m bound to shine
So say that you take me to be Your Valentine”

A Procession of Suffragettes

a procession of suffragists

Suffragists On The War Path

suffragists on the war path

Suffragettes Attacking House of Commons

suffagettes attacking house of commons

Call of the Wild

call of the wild

The Wild Rose

the wild rose

What I Would Do With The Suffragists


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